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Click… click, it’s in the box, or on the memory card. Easy really easy. But why are we actually taking pictures?

There are many answers.

Memories of families, vacations, trips, events, to make a profession, to pass the time, it’s trendy, to record or memorize situations, to testify, and so many other reasons. Or simply because we love.

But certainly we seek by this means by composing with our space, to develop our creativity and allow us to dream.

In fact these classical answers don’t really answer my question.

But why do we take pictures in the first place?

The other day, while watching my dog frolicking in the countryside, I may have had an element of an answer. He was following tracks, coming and going, sniffing out smells. And then all of a sudden he lifted his paw.

Nothing to do with my request, you may say; but on second thought, maybe it did. Beyond satisfying a natural need, he left his mark.

My dog, like all animals, including homos sapiens, has a strange and irresistible desire; that of leaving traces. The Instinct of Animals, they say.  That we humans call “Nature” as opposed to “culture”.

So what if photography somewhere was a natural or cultural trace of our passage that we would leave to ourselves and to others, and especially to our descendants?  If not, why would we publish family photo albums, holiday albums, videos of our best or worst moments? The answer seems simple, even if we don’t like it very much. It is to leave them at the disposal of our descendants, who will be able to consult them in the future. Quite simply to leave traces of our passage.

here on https://bymyi.com/, we share with you our passion and our experiences… in order to help you take your first pictures… and we remind you that we are always there for any exchange of ideas and information…

If you disagree with certain information, or if some topics have not been discussed, do not hesitate to contact me via the contact form. All feedback is welcome, and the site will be updated regularly.

I hope that you will find all the information you need and that you will live our passion for photography for a long time.

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Adil Dkhisi