Birth photos: how to make them a success?

You’ve just come home with your brand new baby and you want to take some nice photos to immortalize those first magical moments, or more pragmatic, to prepare your announcement or show off his pretty face to your distant family? Jennifer, photographer and mother of two little girls, gives you her best advice to make your birth photos a success!

 To make a series of pretty pictures, a few accessories – apart from the brand new baby – will undoubtedly be useful. You can therefore plan, for example :

– A pretty fabric, plain, in soft colours like a polar fleece blanket, a pretty duvet cover, a large knitted blanket knitted by grandma, or even a simple cotton or linen fabric;

– Sheepskin or a soft pile rug;

– Great accessories: a wicker bunk, giant flowers, a very large teddy bear…

– A beautiful parquet floor or a plain carpet;

– Natural light: a window, a sunny terrace, a bay window…

Birth photos: scenery side

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Choosing the right time

It is in the first fortnight that you will take the most beautiful photos: your baby will be peaceful, will not yet have his infant acne and will have long phases of deep sleep, while still having that newborn look: a slightly dry skin, the cord that has not yet fallen off, a vague look, little hands trying to move… You must wait for a moment when your baby is deeply asleep – after eating, most often – and enjoy this moment of calm. If it’s very hot in your home, you can undress him or her and wrap him or her briefly in a soft cloth. Stand near a window and capture these moments of softness. Don’t hesitate to take close-ups of details – tiny fingers, mini-feet and put a point of comparison next to it, your hand for example. It’s so easy to forget how tiny everything was.

Birth photos: scenery side

Don’t hesitate to place baby in a wicker basket, lined with feathers, or next to a large sunflower. Daisy wreaths on little girls are adorable. And on little boys, you can make a little cardboard crown or cut one out of the galette des Rois. If it’s hot, you can also plan an outdoor session. Wrapped up in a pretty cloth, baby will look as beautiful as daytime in the middle of clovers and daisies, on a green lawn or in a little basket on the sand. Keep in mind that simplicity will be your friend: a tidy, even empty background will be more pleasant in terms of composition. Automatic settings without a flash on your camera will be perfect. Go for the easy way! Also think about black and white, it gives a special touch to the pictures.

And why not family photos

If you have an older child, ask them to participate in these preparatory activities, they will be happy to join in! You can also have him pose with your baby: it will be charming to make him parting for example. Several methods are possible: if the older child is big, you can have him sit down and put his little brother or sister in his arms, or have him sit on a soft mat with baby on his outstretched legs, asking him to give a kiss on the baby’s forehead. Or, if the older one is too small, put them both side by side on a mat and photograph them from above! And you, yes, you! Take the time to have your photo taken with your baby, or even with the dad: a photo of the three of you on the announcement will always be appreciated. Don’t hesitate to make a skin-to-skin with baby, or to curl baby up in his daddy’s muscular arms…

Birth photos: in practice

Be sure to keep the temperature in the room a little warmer than usual if you’re taking pictures of a naked baby. Next, don’t try to put your newborn in positions you might have seen in magazines, such as with your hands under your head or froggy with your elbows up. They are often the result of photo montages and can be very dangerous if you try to reproduce them at home. Simple things will be just as beautiful and less acrobatic. Also be careful never to put the baby high up, never put decorative elements around his neck and never bury him in fabrics.

Remember to include your baby’s cuddly toy in the photos! It will be a great point of comparison when your baby grows up, as well as a nice souvenir. Finally, plan to make paper prints of your photos to put them in albums: they’re the ones you’ll enjoy looking through over the years, and the ones your children will look forward to seeing when they become parents themselves. I wish you all beautiful pictures for wonderful memories!

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5 tips for beautiful pictures in the maternity ward

You’ve just given birth and you’re already thinking about taking pictures of your little wonder? You’re quite right, newborns change so quickly! Forget the ash… Stand near a window and enjoy the natural light. What’s nice is the relationship with your baby: daddy’s big hand under baby’s little head, your finger in his tiny hand, a kiss on his little cheek… What’s cute with an infant is that when you tickle the corner of his mouth, he will often have reflex smiles. Try to capture this moment! Think about the details! Photograph the little feet, the hands, the nose… And of course, the little birth bracelet, or the little bonnet. You’re the mother! Take a few minutes to ask for a picture of yourself with your baby, in your arms or cheek to cheek.