How to choose a baby photographer

D-Day’s coming up. You’re thinking about doing a photo shoot of your baby when he’s born but you’re wondering: How do I choose my newborn photographer? Here are a few ideas and questions to ask yourself.

Choosing my newborn photographer: specialized or in the maternity ward?

Choosing my newborn photographer: specialized or in the maternity ward?

A specialized photographer:

He will be at your disposal and can give you advice for the photo session or for the daily life with baby.

Here is a feedback from Julie, Maëlys’ mother:

The advice you gave us made this photo session a real pleasure!

First of all, there was the advice before the session which we followed to the letter: give your baby a bath in the morning before leaving, give him a bottle on arrival, come with his pacifier and all this was very useful because Maëlys was very serene during the whole session. As soon as we have something important, we follow the same ritual!

We had a wedding in August and with this ritual Maëlys was calm during the whole event.

During the session your advice was also welcome, like burping on the leg while we insisted on burping on the shoulder which never came, whereas with your technique it was immediate!

And the pacifier that we couldn’t give her to calm her down, when all we had to do was to tilt it correctly so that she could catch it. We are young parents and didn’t know everything, and this session, besides leaving us with beautiful memories, gave us some important tips for everyday life.

You know your job and the people you work with, which makes the sessions great, even for stressed people who wouldn’t find themselves photogenic; the result is great! ».

The session lasts a maximum of 2 to 4 hours, it depends on the photographer you choose: lifestyle or newborn posing (I’ll talk about it below).  Different photos of baby will be taken: wide shot or zoomed for details, in several settings. The most, specialized photographers, you will have beautiful family photos :-). Mom will have time to prepare and the whole family (dad with the elders) will be present at the appointment.

A photographer at the maternity ward:

He will be there to take the first pictures of your baby. How not to crack?

He will take 15 minutes of your time to make about ten photos. The photos will be presented to you in color, black and white and sepia.

Usually, you are not prepared for the photographer’s arrival. Daddy and the children might not be present during the photos and you will not be as bitter as you would like to be for the family photos.

The rates for a maternity ward photographer will be almost the same as a specialized photographer between 390 dollars to 760 dollars.

Choosing my newborn photographer: newborn posing or lifestyle?

Choosing my newborn photographer: newborn posing or lifestyle?

A newborn posing photographer :

He takes pictures of your baby with different decors that he puts at your disposal as well as family photos. The photographer uses several accessories such as baskets, hats and headbands.

The newborn posing session lasts a maximum of 4 hours, the photographer adapts to the baby’s rhythm. It takes place between the 5th and 10th day of life in a room that will be heated to 25°. Baby will be warm which will allow the photographer to take pictures where your baby will be naked. The photos are taken on a bean bag (it’s a pouffe specially designed for newborn sessions) where your baby will be placed on it in order to make several breaks such as bum up, hand to hand. These are artistic photos where your baby is staged.

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A lifestyle photographer:

is a photographer who comes to your home to take pictures full of life in your home. He is inspired by your decor (baby’s room), your accessories (baby blanket). Your baby will be dressed in one or more outfits that you will have prepared beforehand with the photographer. You will thus have personalized photos in your interior.

The photo session lasts about 2 hours in order to take pictures of baby alone and your family.

Choosing my newborn photographer: On demand or formula?

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On demand:

During the photo session, you will pay for the costs of the session: advice + preparation of the session + loan of accessories + retouching + viewing of the photos (+ 2 paper photo prints in 15x20cm format).

The first time you view the photos, you will choose the products you want: photo albums to browse through as a family, paper or wood prints to decorate your home, digital photos.

Personally, I’m an à la carte newborn photographer. I prefer to see you leave with photo products such as a photo album, paper or wood prints, rather than selling you digital photos.

Why is that? Good question! Digital photos usually stay on the computer. Life goes by so fast and we don’t have the time to have them developed or to order a photo album on the internet. Quite often, digital photos get lost, either in the flow of the photos you have, or they are accidentally deleted. Can you hear me grinding my teeth?

Then yes, I’ll say it again, I prefer 1,000 times that you leave with a finished product so that your memories are highlighted rather than the photos being put on a USB stick even though mine are beautiful.


Formulas (often) include digital photos on a USB key or by wet-transfer upload. Our generation loves them. Digital photos can be put on social networks, as wallpaper on the computer or on the laptop. They will allow you to share them with your family.

You will be able to choose the formula that suits you best when you book: 5, 10 or all the photos of the session. During the presentation of the pictures, you will be able to choose photo products such as a photo album.