How to choose your wedding photographer?

5 tips for choosing your wedding photographer

The profession of wedding photographer has evolved considerably in recent years. When I started my first wedding reportages I was a bit like a future bride and groom, I had no idea what it was possible to do in this field.

How to choose a wedding photographer is undoubtedly a question that concerns you and this choice is essential in the sense that the photos will be the only thing you will have left after the wedding (and your half of course), and for the rest of your life.

In this article we will give you 5 important tips that will help you choose the best wedding photographer for you!

Wedding photography style

That’s the base! It’s obvious that the photos must speak to you, must resonate with you. There are different styles in wedding photography so maybe you know your own, but it’s not mandatory. Look at the photographs on the photographer’s website, his portfolio but also complete weddings or blog posts that will show more images than those in his showcase. If you don’t find any, don’t hesitate to ask to see a little more.

Wedding photography style

Wedding photo budget

How much does a wedding photographer cost? It is important to know that on average in USA the service of a professional wedding photographer is between 1500 and 3000 dollars (source La Mariée Aux Pieds Bus). The range is wide, you will tell me, because the options vary from one wedding photographer to another: his notoriety, the length of time he will be present for the report, the number of images rendered, the albums and prints…

So you need to think about this point to define the budget you give to photography. Don’t neglect this item, because in 20 years, it will be the only one you will have left.

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When choosing your wedding photographer, professionalism is an important criterion and starts long before the D-day. Look carefully at the photographer’s website, the opinions that other brides and grooms may have left on his facebook page or on google. The reactivity following the sending of your first email…

On D-Day, immortalizing a wedding is an exercise that requires rigor, skill and know-how. You have to be a Swiss Army knife to:

    adapt to all situations.

    know how to manage light

    to be comfortable with humans

    especially being passionate about marriage…

But that’s not all. A wedding photographer must have quality equipment and in duplicate because if on the D-day, a camera breaks down, what to do?

For my part, I have two reflex cameras (Canon 5D mark IV) with several professional range lenses. The 2 boxes allow me to be serene in case of failure of one of them but it allows me to be reactive on the D-day by switching from one to the other with different lenses for a different rendering. Each box contains 2 card slots, why? Each photo taken is recorded at the same time on these 2 cards, so I have a real time backup if a card drops me!

The personality of the photographer, the feeling with the photographer

Marriage is first and foremost human. I need to be in tune with you on the day. We need to connect, have a good feeling to make the most of yourself on the day and for you to trust me. Trust is paramount for the wedding photographer and the bride and groom, of course.

Choosing your wedding photographer is not insignificant because the photographer will enter into your intimacy on the D-day and will be at your side all this day which will be one of the most beautiful of your life so meet him/her!

The personality of the photographer, the feeling with the photographer

The first meeting is very important. You explain your project, how you imagine the day unfolding, the photographer presents you his way of working and must bring you his expertise in the matter. This will give you a good idea of the photographer’s personality, whether it can match or not.

Personally, I never impose anything to my bride and groom but I propose and bring my expertise on the organization of the day (group photos, couple photos…). It is your day, you will have the final decision on the programming but it is my duty to alert you to certain aspects and mistakes not to make to enjoy your wedding without suffering certain moments. After this first meeting, I will accompany you throughout the weeks of wedding preparations to answer your questions and get to know you. On the D-day, I want to be your friend and to know you very well to bring out your personality in my photo report.

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Choosing your wedding photographer: The contract

To choose your wedding photographer and avoid casting mistakes, I advise you to contact at least 3 of them. Why should I do that? That’s right, I could tell you to contact me only

This will maximize your chances of making the right choice. Once your decision has been made and you have asked all your questions to your wedding photographer, everything must be written in the contract: the length of time you will be present on the day, the number of photos delivered, overtime, the rate…etc…