How to Take beautiful Beach family Photos

During these holidays, the main activity is sunbathing on the beach. To bring back a little souvenir of the fine sand, the sun and the sea, the good idea is to take a picture of yourself. However, there are a few rules to follow to achieve a good pose. Here are a few tips to follow.

family photo

Tip 1: Portrait

Very often the portrait or close-up is an unavoidable step in a photo shoot. It is also a difficult exercise for the model. It is necessary to choose the right expressions to have a suitable photo. In the version on the left, even if the smile is present, one is immediately attracted by the double chin. The whole thing looks more like a passport photo than a holiday picture.

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To do well, do not hesitate to put your body slightly in profile (not too much either so as not to look like a criminal). Raise your head a little so that you don’t see that double chin. Don’t forget the importance of the arms. Even if they are not clearly visible in the portrait, they provide a secure posture if you put them on your hips.

Tip 2: Sitting position

It is difficult to be touched by grace when we are sitting on a chair, a deckchair or a towel. On a deckchair, the most important thing for a girl is to cross her legs. Otherwise you’ll look like a man who’s just sitting on his buttocks on the deckchair on the beach. Cross your legs and stand up straight. Do something with your hands to make your posture more aesthetic than useful. In the picture on the left it just looks like it’s going to fall forward. At the same time, avoid accentuated curves in the belly.

Tip 3: Body bust

It seems clear that the position is not really natural, however a few remarks can be made. First of all, don’t go backwards. You will only give the impression that you are running away from the picture, which could result in a lack of self-confidence. Take an assured posture.

Of course you must smile, otherwise the memories of the holidays will not be considered as memories. On the technical aspect, the framing is also important. Of course you are a model, but when it comes to family or couple photos, you still have your say. The framing should be tightened from the hips.

Tip 4: Front photo

For this exercise, you won’t be able to hide anymore. The whole body will serve as a model. The arms are to be used as clothing for the image. Therefore, do not let them hang down along the body but rather try to arrange them gracefully.

The legs are an essential element. For a part of femininity, cross them. So you go from a woman who comes out of the fitting room with a swimsuit she doesn’t like to a woman posing for the summer collection.

Tip 5: Lying down

Let’s go back to the deckchair on the beach. For a photo in a lying position, the secret is not to lie down completely. On the left, you can see that the right arm comes to support the head and that the left one is totally useless.

For a successful pose, raise the bust and slightly extend the chest. Use your elbow for a stable posture. Place your legs on top of each other and put the other arm in front of your belly to hide any imperfections.

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Tip 6: Profile

For a profile picture, the first thing to take care of is the silhouette. The mistake is to put the belly forward and be hunched over. The arms should not be vulgarly curved along the body. Finally, the legs should also be used.

To take a good picture, you have to tuck your stomach in and stand up straight. The visible arm is placed at hip or buttocks level while the other is placed in the hidden part. Bend one of the two legs slightly and don’t forget to smile.

Tip 7: Back photo

 For this last tip, we’ll use the back or 3/4 back picture. In this situation, make sure to take care of the buttocks and the back. Stand up straight and contract your buttocks to have a firm buttocks in the photo. Use one of your arms to enhance your posture.

A bad posture brings out the relief of the back and buttocks. You will have understood it, the arms should never be along the body.

With these tips, you can now go to the beaches to be photographed with the greatest professionalism in the world.