Ideas for creating your baby photo book

Baby’s growing up fast! From the first days you’ve seen it change… some lose their hair, eye colour changes. Keep these moments in your birth photo album. Simply upload your photos using our editing software.

Baby wakes up a little more each day, opens his eyes and starts to move. Then the pyjamas become too small, and you have to constantly make a new wardrobe. What an exceptional adventure that you must not lose a crumb. If you wish, you can record all these moments in a personalised album.

Even if you’re busy, you’re looking at this little guy who has changed your life. He’s still a little bit the same, but never the same. You keep taking pictures of him all the time, so many incredible, fun and sometimes scary situations are part of everyday life.

How do you manage this influx of photos that are all more essential, beautiful and surprising at the same time? We will guide you.

Rest assured, our photo albums can contain up to 400 pages. If you don’t know how to choose, you can integrate a nice selection of your pictures. Love is made of madness.

But you’ll still have to share it with your friends and family! How to create a personalized photo album? What should you keep for the future? Your photo book is also the family’s photo book. One day, your baby will grow up and flip through it with him or her, too, carefully.

How do you take a good photo of a child aged 0 to 1 year?

How do you take a good photo of a child aged 0 to 1 year?

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These recommendations are not superfluous. Very often the parents and relatives of a baby do not have the perspective they will have years later.

Care should be taken when taking pictures and framing to ensure that the subject of the photos is not distorted. Our products are certainly printed on quality paper. But your pictures must also be checked before they are inserted in the album.

To ensure a pretty complexion, place the child in an environment that is a little lighter than the colour of his or her skin. For example, you could place a white blanket near his head, even if it is not in the field of view of the shot.

Position yourself at his or her height so as not to distort the contour of his or her skull or body. Diving and bottom shots do not accurately reflect an appearance.

Focus on photos of baby in action, when he smiles, eats, grabs a toy or his foot. Your memories will be more vivid. He will enjoy describing himself when he is around 4 years old.

Which photos to choose?

Here’s a little summary so you don’t forget anything in your birth photo book. These shots will please everyone:

  •     The maternity (visitors, cradle).
  •     Birth gifts.
  •     Your child’s bedroom.
  •     The “first times” of everyday life: the walk, the smile…
  •     The meal (bottle, compote).
  •     The relatives with your newborn.
  •     The nursery assistant, the crèche.
  •     Holidays.

You can also integrate scanned documents:

  •     The birth announcement.
  •     The civil or religious birth certificate.
  •     Cards and notes received.

How to create the book?

On our site, the instructions appear in order. All you have to do is let yourself be guided. You can stop your activity at any time by clicking on “save”. For security reasons, an automatic backup takes place every thirty seconds. This way, you can return to your workspace at any time.

Quick creation

The editing software includes a large number of default templates. This is a template carefully designed by our team of graphic designers. Our books are original products.

Select the theme, format and type of cover you prefer. Then drag and drop your shots into the spaces provided. That’s all there is to it! Consult the preview before you validate.

Add as many extra pages as you want. Once you have completed your album, validate the order and proceed to secure online payment by credit card. You can also pay by cheque or bank transfer.

You will receive your album in a few days. Our new generation digital presses will process your order quickly. They are located near Lille, France, the transport is fast. If you notice an anomaly in the processing of your file, we reprint your book at our expense. Don’t hesitate to ask for a gift card for the birth of your child.

An original photo album

Take the time to design a photo album to your liking. Our editing software allows you to customize many elements on each sheet of the book :

  •     Page layout, frame, image, background;
  •     Color, text.

The text can be formatted. It is about titles, comments, stories. You can create text boxes wherever you want. If they are on an image, the words will be printed over the image (on the picture).

Photo retouching

After dragging each photo to the desired location, you can edit the following items:

    Size (be careful not to place your photos on the bleed; this is the gray area that may be cut off when the work is made) ;

    Framing (you can crop the edges);

    Brightness and hue.

The cover

Let yourself be tempted by scrapbooking. You can glue original decorations on the binding of the photo book :

    Ribbons, bows, baptismal tulle;

    Drawings of an older brother, a cousin;

    Maternity bracelet;

    Motifs cut out of fabric or synthetic foam (letters of the first name, cradle, heart, star);

    Synthetic flowers.

Why create a series?

What could be more pleasant than owning photo books that treat the same subject differently? You’ll enjoy storing them on a shelf. Our customers are always surprised by the quality of the books’ rendering. They are printed with the utmost care.

You will then be able to indicate the title of each photo book on the spine (the visible part when a series of books is placed on a shelf). For this, we advise you to stick identical labels.

You can also write each title with a fine indelible black marker. Other colours are less legible.

How to share your albums on the internet?

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How to share your albums on the internet?

You can share your photo book online by email, on social networks and by a copy-paste link. Your friends will be able to consult this nice gift and why not order an album.

How many copies can I order?

You can order as many paper copies as you like. Think about making gifts that are very appreciated. A young adult will appreciate receiving a paper version of his or her photo album as soon as he or she takes flight.

Your album is kept without limit, even after you order. You can recommend other paper copies at a later date.