Taking a successful baby picture

Young parents have no doubt experienced it, taking a picture of a baby is a real challenge. The photo session can even turn into a real ordeal as baby is so uncooperative: he falls asleep, turns his head, cries and does not hold a position for 5 minutes. In short, taking a photo of a baby can quickly turn into a pitched battle. So we asked our fans on Facebook, what are the good tips to take a good picture of a baby. And they have experience, our fans, about taking pictures of babies! In this article, we will not only talk about the shooting, but also a little bit of technique (nothing too bad, don’t worry). Ready to take your baby picture?

Taking a picture of baby in the maternity ward

Baby’s first moments are precious and you want to take a nice picture of your child right away. Problem, in the maternity ward, you are not at home and you cannot rearrange the decor as you wish.

Put baby in good conditions: two is better

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Preparing your baby

First step, make sure baby is “clean”, has been groomed and burped. It’s silly, but a bit of milk or saliva at the corner of the lips would spoil your picture a bit… if you have a favourite bodysuit or pyjamas. Also choose a time when baby is awake… so be prepared to take baby’s picture… all the time. The ideal is to take a picture of him after he’s been groomed, and before a meal (or after burping): he’ll be awake and probably more cooperative.

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Opt for natural light, if possible

Choosing the right light is crucial: you can’t rely on your flash to take a picture of your baby. Its use is strongly discouraged:

    1 – Because it will dazzle your child unnecessarily. Your baby is still fragile, there is no need to hurt his eyes to take a good picture.

    2 – The Flash will “harden” your baby’s face and cause unsightly shadows.

If you have the opportunity to do so, try placing baby next to a natural light source. Electric lights may dull his complexion. A natural light source will enhance her baby’s features. But as we don’t always do what we want, if you have to take a photo indoors, Nico (on our Facebook page) advises to “use a fairly dense lighting but not live otherwise it will burn the photos, it allows you to have a short speed by working in priority aperture and therefore limit the blurs”.

Put baby in good conditions: two is better

But by all accounts, it’s easier to get two people together to take nice pictures: one takes the pictures while the other distracts / makes the baby smile / directs the baby’s gaze. It takes “two people, one taking the picture and the other keeping baby busy,” says Nico; “I usually sing it works well for infants,” adds Armelle, while Audrey has her own way of getting her child’s attention: “I’m just clowning around. And it works and we can have a lot of laughs 🙂 “

The most difficult thing in the baby picture… is to get your child to hold a position! Parents have a lot of imagination on this side: to take the photo, place the baby in a position that will be comfortable for him or her. Armelle, for example, tells us that “putting them in a full belly position, head-up photos are cute”. You can also put them in a deckchair when they are small. You can also “wedge” baby on your bed, or against a cushion (normal or nursing).

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A beautiful picture, a beautiful decor

A beautiful picture of a baby is also a great decor. No object or element in the photo should be more important than the baby. On this side, there are 2 schools: those who opt for a sober decor or a staging.

For example, Cécile prefers to opt for a sober decor when she takes photos of her son. In this case, you can be sure that your baby will be the centre of attention. Instead, choose a white or light background, which will bring out baby’s face and allow the light to diffuse well.

Don’t hesitate to stage baby with another person: on the mother’s belly or on the father’s arm. Trust yourself and try several times!

And the technique in all this…

Once again, there is no shortage of ideas and tips for a beautiful baby picture. Here’s a little technical checklist to make a good baby photo

    *Opt for a focal length of 50 mm or more, to prevent the baby’s face from being distorted in the picture.

    * Stand at the same height as your baby and don’t hesitate to dare to get up close and personal.

    *Focus on baby’s eyes *

    *…. And shoot: “For 3 or 4 good photos (composition, light, sharpness and attitude of the baby) I take a hundred maybe … Outdoors it’s easier because the light is better you can choose the time of release but always in a burst when the baby is looking …”, Nico advised us on the Facebook page. Don’t hesitate to use the Burst mode of your camera.

That’s it, you’re ready to take a picture of baby every day if you have to! You can even use these photos to create beautiful birth announcements with the photos you have taken or make a beautiful birth photo book.