Tips for your wedding photos: our 7 tips from experts

Church outing, portrait of the bride and groom, family photos, opening of the ball and festive evening, to immortalize these 5 key moments, take note of 7 tips for your wedding photos. Smantha, professional photographer, answers in 7 questions.

7 tips for your wedding photos

The key trick?

For all the shots of the day, measure the light on the wedding dress. If you do it somewhere else, the dress will most likely be overexposed or even “burnt out” like all the other high-light areas in the shot.

A few tips for your wedding photos, so you don’t miss the church exit?

It is a unique moment that the exit of the bride and groom from the church or the town hall. The aim here is to capture the emotion of the bride and groom, but also the movement and joy of the guests who often throw rice or rose petals.

A few tips for your wedding photos, so you don't miss the church exit?

My first tips for your wedding photos will be to position yourself well for your shoot so that you have a wide field that includes the bride and groom and as many guests as possible.

Don’t hesitate to set your SLR in burst mode so that you don’t miss an expression and to avoid your photo to be parasitized by a petal in front of the bride and groom’s face for example.

To make sure you get a sharp picture, set your autofocus to AF-C (a mode usually used for sports), which allows you to follow movements while maintaining focus.

And of course, the shutter speed priority mode is imperative to avoid blurred motion due to the movements of the bride and groom and their guests.

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Another important step of the wedding, how to make beautiful portraits of the bride and groom?

For this type of wedding photo, remember to use a shallow depth of field to get the bride and groom out of the background: take your picture with an aperture between f/2 and f/5.6.

The optimal type of lens for this portrait session is a 35 or 50 mm fixed focal length lens that produces beautiful portraits without the distortion caused by a wide focal length.

Don’t hesitate to add a few accessories that will bring life to the scene. The result on your printed photos will be even better.

Finally, my little trick to immortalize this intimate moment: use a flash that will allow you to unblock the backlighting often present on sunny days.

Family photos are a must-have for the bride and groom. How do you make your group photos a success?

First of all, think about making a list of the different groups to be photographed beforehand. This will ensure that no one is forgotten (there will be no catch-up sessions for these important shots), but also to sequence the shots without disturbing the wedding proceedings too much.

The lens of your SLR will be different from the one for portraits. Instead, use a wide angle lens to get everyone in the picture, even large families.

For this type of wedding photo, on the other hand, a great depth of field is preferred so that all the guests are in focus. The aperture of the camera is set to f/8 or f/9.

Do not neglect the background either and choose a rather clear environment that will focus attention on the subjects.

What do you think should be considered when taking pictures of the opening of the bridal shower?

It’s a slightly more complex stage of the wedding because reception halls are generally not very bright. Their atmosphere is subdued, or worse, strewn with spotlights of all colours.

Generally, I ask the DJ to use a soft light rather than a strobe light at the opening of the ball to highlight the bride and groom.

Concerning the technique, here are my advices for your wedding photos. To avoid taking a blurry photo (due to the lack of light), do not hesitate to raise your ISO to have a sufficient sensor sensitivity, open your diaphragm to the maximum (f/ the smallest possible) and couple this at a relatively high speed (minimum 1/100s or 1/200s).

You can also directly switch to Speed Priority.

What do you think should be considered when taking pictures of the opening of the bridal shower?

A tip for photographing the dance party?

The essential accessory of the photographer for this stage of the wedding is the cobra flash. It’s an external flash, much more powerful than the one built into the body, which emits a very short flash to freeze the movement. Ideal in this situation where the guests are dancing and moving around.

Concerning the general atmosphere, do you have any advice for our wedding photos?

Think about taking pictures of the details! From the decoration to the accessories (headband, bow tie), through the wedding rings, they are the ones that make the atmosphere of a wedding. Don’t hesitate to shoot them to fill up with memories.

The course of the wedding is a succession of tasty moments. Take live photos, not posed. You will capture the emotion of the faces, the moments of complicity, and your photos will gain in spontaneity.

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Don’t forget to make the most of your photos!

To see the big day every day, there’s nothing like printing your photos on objects that you’ll keep for a long time and be able to contemplate every day: a photo canvas, a book, prints, a phone cover… let your heart speak 🙂