Wedding photo album: 10 tips for my wedding photo album

The photo album is an essential book for your wedding because it will tell the story of who will remain as one of the most beautiful moments of your married life. The photo album must be pretty and beautiful but above all, it must transcribe from beginning to end all the emotions of this unforgettable day as it was yesterday. It is therefore necessary that the bride and groom take the time to select the images and photos that will appear on your wedding book as well as the possible covers or format of the photo album. Do not hesitate to discuss this with your photographer in order to obtain the best possible result.

Entrust the creation of your photo album to a professional.

Nowadays, the offer on the internet to make a photo album is very wide and you can easily find very affordable prices. However, the quality of the photos between these offers and the offers of professional photographers is not at all the same. Professional photographers tend to work with service providers who specialize in making high-end photo albums and photo books, which are not available to the general public. By choosing a real photographer to create a wedding photo album, the bride and groom will get a better finish to the work and more choice in types of photo paper and cover materials.

Entrust the creation of your photo album to a professional.

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Favour the more intimate and detailed photos

The wedding album is a very personal and intimate object. Favour the most striking and symbolic images of your couple. Indeed, most of the time, a CD or DVD is provided for the photos of your guests with all the pictures of your wedding. So don’t replace your newlyweds’ photos with those of your guests in your album.

Black and white or color photos?

The great advantage of the digital revolution is the level of flexibility in modifying an image by the photographer reporter. Indeed, each photo can be modified at will and for the delivery of your wedding photo album, it is easy to switch from a color photo to a black and white photo. According to Romance Photo, it is preferable to mix colour images with black and white images for your wedding book. This gives a dynamic effect to the composition of the album and it becomes graphically more interesting.

Don’t overdo the number of photos in your album

The number of photos to choose from is the hardest step for the spouses to create the album. It will depend on the number of pages. The average varies between 40 and 60 pages. For a 60-page album, it is advisable to choose about 100 photos. Be very selective and have priorities. A good method to make the right choice is to give yourself a limit of photos for each moment of the day. For example, 25 photos for the preparations of the bride and groom, 25 for the civil and religious ceremony, 20 for couple photos, 10 for group photos and 20 for the evening. You will surely find this number small, but once you have selected the right pictures, you will not miss the others!

Please respect the chronological order of your wedding events.

It is through your wedding album that you will be able to tell the story of your wedding day. It is therefore important to respect the chronological order of events. This will make the film of your wedding all the clearer.

Keep it simple

Compose your wedding photo album in the simplest possible way. Avoid excessive effects, colored or textured backgrounds, or pages with too many photos. Photos should be magnified and highlighted to the maximum. It is also preferable to avoid text. It’s more interesting to let the image speak for itself, as the saying goes, a picture is worth more than 1000 words.

Make sure that your photographer will be ready to make changes to your album.

When you sign the contract with your wedding photographer, make sure that any changes are possible before printing the final version of your photo album. Indeed, as mentioned above, the wedding album is a very personal and intimate object and there will inevitably be details on the album that your photographer will not have created to your liking. Therefore, it is important to have the possibility to go back and make changes if you wish. Your wedding photo album should not go to print until you are completely satisfied. Remember that your album will be the little gem that will keep your most special memories on one medium.

Opt for a large shot portrait of the couple for the album cover.

Opt for a large shot portrait of the couple for the album cover.

The cover of your album is very important. It will be the first thing you see and it should look like you. Choose a portrait for two in a close-up, it’s very romantic and trendy. The Plexiglas cover gives a final touch of modernity. But if you are rather reserved and want to keep your privacy, a cover without a photo is also possible. It’s your choice.

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Don’t forget the type of photographic paper.

The choice of paper is important and synonymous with the quality of your book. The rendering of the pages and the texture of the sheets cause sensations to the touch and to the eye. Each provider will have its own particularities, but roughly speaking, you can choose between glossy, glossy, silk or metallic papers. Metallic paper is the one preferred by Romance Photo. With a pearlescent and iridescent surface, images are sublimated for elegant and sophisticated reflections.

Give dignity to your album with a beautiful box.

Finally, your photo book is impeccable and beautiful, ready to be printed. It deserves the best. Don’t hesitate to ask your photographer if he or she has an offer to buy a storage box for your photo albums. That way you’ll be sure that your precious book will be safe and won’t deteriorate over time.