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WhatsApp Plus is an APK to modify features of WhatsApp Android. WhatsApp Plus 2021 has themes and customization options

If there is one application that is not missing in a smartphone, be it an Android or an iPhone, it is undoubtedly WhatsApp. The instant messaging and chat app has conquered millions of users who have stopped sending SMS messages to switch to this service supported among data traffic.

With more than 1,000 million active users worldwide and acquired by Facebook, it has consolidated itself as one of the most downloaded apps on the planet. For this reason, it is not strange that there are dozens of applications developed to try to take advantage of it.

Among the most famous we find WhatsApp Plus, a mod that can be downloaded for free to customize the application with options that go beyond the original ones.

And now that you know what WhatsApp Plus is… What is it for?
This application is used to personalize the message and chat application. It is aimed mainly at those who are not completely satisfied and who use it because everyone else uses it, even though they may like other alternatives like Telegram more.

Here is a list of the features that this application tries to improve from the most famous instant messaging and chat service after downloading WhatsApp Plus:

Adapt the interface colors or the size of the typeface to your liking.
Send large audio and video files.
Upload and send photos in their original quality.
Quick sharing features.
Copy & Paste partial: select a part of the text to copy and paste and send it to contacts.
Hide profile picture.
View connection times and status on the chat screen.
Install different themes.

But what is the problem with this kind of app? WhatsApp is very protective of its property and it bans from the service all the users detected using one of these applications. For this reason, the app has submitted itself several times to a reborn like JiMODs, which claims to have anti-ban properties. There is also that of HOLO, another developer that takes advantage of the success of this name.

In any case, and in front of the disparity of options and the obscurity of this kind of apps, it is difficult to know which WhatsApp Plus app is more updated. Some say 3.17, others that 5.60… Here we give you one of the versions so you can download it to your smartphone (it also exists for iPhone).

What’s new in WhatsApp Plus 2021
The main changes introduced in the new version of this MOD are the following

Update to a new base version of WhatsApp:
Requirements and additional information :
Minimum operating system requirement: Android 4.4.
The installation of the app from the APK file requires the activation of the option ‘Unknown sources’ in Settings > Application.




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